Last Exit – Witch House

Witch House

Verse 1

Reasons unknown
But i know there's something wrong and
I'm fright and i'm numb
Like a nightmare outside and
There's music and voices inside of me
Everyone sleep but
The smiling clown here
Smiling clown there
Smiling clown inside
I have no place to hide
He is there where i just looked away my eyes
I can't concoct a better place for disguise
Insane flies
And endless bed
I'm wrapped up
I'm wrapped up in blanket with head
His partner is an old crazy woman
Her haircut reminds me of tentacles


Empty spaces filled with time
Coming out of wind that blows at night
Smiles are dancing on your back
Someone turned off the light

Verse 2

Half-closed door in the dark look so scary
I don't know for someone else or just for me
Red nose,open mouth
Eyes filled up with ink
All night till the morning
I haven't slept a wink

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