Eu Sou o Larun lyrics
(English Translation)

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October 8, 2022

Eu Sou o Larun lyrics
(English Translation)

I'm LaRun and I already fucked your sister
My dick tastes like apple
She is more wanted than Saddam
Even my cum tastes like mint
It's been five years since I arrived
Since when Bicente was gay
I started doing experimental
Then I went to rap about dick
Everyone has come to ask me one day
But the name "LaRun" is an anagram of "Lunar"
With "Ereto e Triste", I made my name
Letting these bitches starve
Even quoting my brother Link, one day he said that:
"You guys know LaRun, you don't know Danilo"
I was in this meme rap scene from the beginning
I know all the bad things from that idol of yours
Let me tell you a funny thing
Don't tell me that you're advanced
Four years ago, what you think is cool today
Escada already thought was outdated
In 2018, I was already recording shitfunk
Played Rodrigo777 in punk circles
You listened to 1Kilo and I only drank from a gourd
My biggest crime was stealing Pouya's flow
When you drank milk, I already drank Corote
When I recorded "Cu de Macho", your ass gave me a blow
I know that in the past you have played Fortnite
Listening to "Meu Piru Tá de Aimbot" on the headphone
I am Master Sausage and you are my student
You know that your girl has already flipped over in my Uno
And you try to hide it, but, little brother, I already know that
You cry listening to Agostinho Carrara Mixtape
And if the 51 rocks on the hood of the Monza
When you saw that I came back, you cried like a child
Now don't tell me that my sound is already very old
I'm not a saint, I'm a prophet and the meme rap is the gospel

LaRun – Eu Sou o Larun (English Translation)

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