Eu ser edgy tá lyrics
(English Translation)

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October 30, 2018

Eu ser edgy tá lyrics
(English Translation)

Verse 1
I hate my parents, I hate my life
I'm smart, I watch Rick and Morty
In the trap game, I come dark, very dark
Pretending I'm an occultist and I love death
But, in reality, I sleep with a lit lamp
Fortnite game, little brother, see you in the morning
I get very angry, disgusted with life
Because I have to share a room with my sister
My parents are understanding
I hate it, ?
To have a reason to complain that I hate my life
In fact, I'm a fucked up shit that doesn't even have a life
Dick in the ass of this shitty sociеty
Where I can't have a girlfriеnd
I wear black clothes, I say I like the demo
But my mother can't even know anything

Verse 2
I kick a bottle of wine, I'm very angry
Listening to Ghostemane, drinking chocolate milk
Banging head for this burst bass
I pretend that I've never been loved in my life
Posting on the net a photo of a corpse
I want you to pay attention to me
I'm fifteen years old, fuck it
Now I make a bad face
Sending a middle finger to the camera
So you don't have to swear
Fuck your pussy, fuck, handjob
In the son of a bitch, pussy, asshole
Watching Nando Moura, I hate the teacher
I hate my school, my brother, I'll never go again
In Supreme's shirt listening to Ghostemane
? Scarlxrd paying from Satan
I hate funk, I hate school
I'm superior and also picks up my ball
Woman is a whore, superficial
Just because they don't want to suck my dick

Verse 3
If I'm calling today, 'you're all going to be in shock
That tomorrow I'm going to sprout at school with the fucking Glock
In fact, I confess to you that I don't know what the fuck Glock is
But that gives me a status, that I don't just like rock
If my father cries in the shower
My family never even leaves the bathroom
I'm a rockstar teenager, otaku and different
Disguised as a trapper

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