The Recognitions – Kyrie
Genre Pop


Now about that deal
And the lies you told
And a dream we killed
Two birds one stone
And I just don't know
And I just can't say
Who let
Me down?

Now I'm spitting blood
And I'm losing sleep
And I'm losing touch
With reality
And I just can't go
And I just can't stay
Outside a locked white door
I could hear you say
You let me down
You let
Me down

Now I could not be
In the light of day
I was hearing things
That were never there
Now I'm in your mirage
It's your perfect lawn
Now I'm in your mirage
And it's pipe exhaust

And now we're on our own
And we're on our screens
And we're all so close
And we still can't see
And we just don't know
And we just can't say
You let
Me down

Now the word's on the street
But the cat's got their tongue
And the water's still not clean
And the money's all gone
Now we're in your mirage
It's your figurine God
Now we're in the cloud

Who let
Me down?
Who let
You down?

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