Kung Fu Vampire – Cyberasia There

Cyberasia There

Verse 1Kung Fu Vampire

One thing leads to another motherfucker
Tough round and a forfeit
Make or make her talk then
Trace Martinis, suddenly her mouth is on my genie
She swallow
Hollowed it cleanly
That's no lie
But it doesn't make me a human, it's all inside my head
That's where Jupiter telescope's zooming
Eye from the fire in the sky
It's a treat and long weekend
No tweaking
I's trynna be natural running, river the tall grass peaking
The estimate, something I can't handle
Put that on my sandal
SPF 8 shades
Glow in the dark swim-trunks
Things that at the mall is paid
Ocean sprayed
On the sand I laid
Nostrils I played
Chest is a way to keep the level below waist
You never know when a mind'll get sucked into outer space


Find Dracula in a Acura
Straight kung fu [fu
Straight kung fu [fu
Find Dracula in a Acura
Straight kung fu [fu
Straight kung fu [fu
Find Dracula in a Acura

Verse 2Kung F Vampire

Uptown and out, that's the spell that I'm talking about
To get probed by a five foot one Taiwanese
She had thirty-two double Ds
Large amount of bamboo trees
The D's free, ready to please me
"Oh so sorry, these next are return customer"
She's the only masseuse with pictures of me and gently I'm busting her up as she pours green tea in a cup
Hot and steamy in a dreamy state, alleviated pressurized
No gravitation, weight and size my height
Got me running like Blade Runner or The Fifth Element at the Spacebar to Iced Ts for some special blended
Got me hella bent, the relic went out through the portal
No frantic transfer from laissez faire, velocity
Now you gots to stare
Crushed velvet and the cab driver, came with purple hair
This is a rare place
Hopper space agent, palace chalice was blazing [blazing]

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