Genre Rap


I never thought about it like that man
Hey yo uh
I don't know man, look

Your boy on the one
Whipping to LA
Doobie lit
High off of strong psychedelia
Feeling all cosmic
Listening to band of gypsies
On repeat
The cd blue-green
Sun out shining like it usually do
Clouds in the sky all goofy looking
I'm bookin like a buck and a half
I've got a full tank of gas
I laugh--- I
Laugh at fuckin nothing in particular
I'm a traveling man vehicular
Mind stay rolling through scriptures, literatures
Visions of alien landscapes
Trees ethereal
Life is love, man
And love is a miracle
Zipping cross the spherical rock that we call home
Planetary pyrotechnics popping off in my dome
I'm awesome uh roamеd alone
Swimming the ocean
I'm at homе with the phone
My towel off
Hop in the whipper again
Chips in the hand
Toss em on the table I'm all in
Fall in line with the fall wind
Kool breezy, true easy rider
Higher than Sly Stone
Flyer than five stones
Held in a pelican gulch
I'm tellin the coach
Don't bench me I'm hot
I'm whippin bentley
Wait nah switch to chevy rock
Rocks. doggy my wrist be heavy
Just playin my bitch be ready to ride
She whippin the jeep in front of me
Didn't even wanna sell this so we had to
Well, you know, whatever you know
We had this thing up in the city of angels
For a little celebration they was paying me fo
Forget how much
Probably wasn't enough
But who cares
Not me, anywhere
What was I fuckin talking about?
Who cares, anyway
Best rapper. hey yeah
Nah whatever, I be doing my thing though
I think I said that like a hundred fuckin times though
Why you even fuckin still listening?
Probably cause my style's so addictive
Wild with the missives
Fired off like missiles from silos in undisclosed locations
Bro I'm so bodacious, yo
Tuh. I flow so amazing
I'm rapping for whatever reason, man

I'm telling you a story: the moral is love
Sweet beautiful love
Peace beauty and wonder
Under the underdog
Over the various
Under the volcano
Wondering what in god's name
Is the raw flavors I be kicking
As if I was a man possessed
I ran the best I won the race
The sun the space
The moon the stars the galaxies
War as a concept itself is a fallacy
All men wander through the valley
Of death at some point
I'm kicking a dumb joint
Run boy. go tell your mama
Man too damn nice
Chew mad rice
Like a vegan in asia
Man I'm freaking the stages
In all of the places
I'm balling like Avery
Johnson, Bradley. pick one
Whatever, son

Y'all don't even know the knowledge that I be kickin son
You could be listening to any song but you just picked this one
Even if it just came on you willed it into your consciousnessness
The nature of existence is astonishing
Promise me one thing
Never stop loving everything, right?

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