Kool A.D. – Rough and Rowdy
Genre Rap

Rough and Rowdy

Yeah yeah yeah
Yo yo yo
Fuck it I don't know man
Rough and rowdy
Stoned off a couple of
Swishers of the wedding crasher
Just the shake though
Stay awake bro
It's a lot of bars in this one
If you care to hear it anyway, man
Hella handsome, semi-retired, televangelist, doggy
Call me beck hansen with the mmm bop
Doggy I'm bob dylan zimmerman
Kill george zimmerman, man
Allah willin the god chillin
The eye peeling, nonstop killer for real though
The kid kick raw feeling
Top billing --- I'm kidding
I ain't even rock shows no more
I drop tapes that I makе at the homies crib
But you know I for surely kick raw rеgardless
The artless artist flawed god bod
Buck the whole conga, dog
With a sawed off
America's an illegitimate state whose time is up
And I really fucking mean that shit, man
I ain't just rhyming stuff
Kill the heads of the state, dog
Line em up, they all complicit
Let anybody know you mean business
Fuck these crackers, man
They hate anybody black cause they jealous
They don't wanna see you get the lettuce
Fellas hold down your ladies
Ladies hold down your fellas
On god though
We're trying to the flip
The whole fuckin salad bowl
Over all together now
Let's get it together
What I got to do?
Whatever, whatever, I'm ready to get it
What the fuck [6x
Am I right, man?
Shit man?
God damn, man?
What the fuck, am I right? shit
We know the game is a cursed one
With rappers I'm the best
Plus the fucking worst one
For sure, son
I think I might have said
All of this shit
In fifty thousand other rap songs I made
Go listen to that

Yo I stupid kick it for the poetical sake of a name
Most of y'all don't even know what to make of a name
Mayne, that's cool, whatever, man, y'all
I tattoo too. you want rolling stone fuckin
Logo on your neck like lil b I got you bruh
I do that too, man. but not well
Whatever. call me fuckin norman I rock well
Whatever. catch me slingin fuckin pot on shotwell
Hah. pro-tip if you get snatched by the cops do not tell
That's word to pac-iavell-
Anyway, anything. anything
What's that line, that y'all like?
Huh. that one, you know the one I said it already
Like not too long ago
I'm at the combination pizza hut and taco bell, right?
Shout to shamayel
I'm the dumbest man standing
You can't stand me
But still though
Please note that do
Do the damn damn thing
Do do. whatever, mayne
Whatever, mayne. fuck it
Ah ha. I'm crazy
Ay what's up baby I love you girl
You know I give you fuckin what you NEED, baby
The world stay stressing me out that's why I smoke fuckin WEED, baby
True INDEED, baby
So what you NEED, baby?
You go two, no three? crazy
I hella dig it when you kick it next to ME, baby
True INDEED, baby
And you don't stop
And you don't stop
Come my lady
Come come my lady
Be my butterfly
Azucar, maybe

I go so maney
For sure ho, pay me
Your bro bro zany
The flow so motherfuckin puro
Puro no cut
Like the fuckin pro-cocaine be
I'm too raw
Ha ha
You ought to fuckin soap me up with some saline
Huh. what?
Whoady I be sailing
Slide to the casino, amigo
See me whaling
Send it
Saving the post office
Mail it
Feel it, mayne?
Feel it from the low chakra plane, mayne
Dang, baby...

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