KLB – No Cap
Genre Rap

No Cap

Dora need map
I don’t need no WAP
Cus when I say shit, you know I don’t fuckin’ cap
Fight me, you gonna have a cast
Klb on top, ain’t gonna the last
Fuck Coronavirus
I’ll fuck Miley Cyrus
Fake people, I minus
Buy the fucking shoe, don’t care about the fuckin’ prices
I got the 7 secret herbs & spices
Book me on a tour, I got hella high prices
I can be the meanest also be the nicest

I don’t wanna scene
Drinking all the lean
Drink the Henny but I want the Codeine
I’m so fly, you know me, always rolling
When I shoot my shots always hitting fuckin’ top bin
‘Ronavirus, I just want this shit to mothafuckin’ end
All this fucking shit we can’t mothafuckin’ comprehend
Now I’mma pray to God cause I am holy
Check me out real soon flexing out the Rolly

AK, pistol, shotgun, caliber
Klb, rapping, oh no, massacre
Spit shit, good shit, yo life, a clip
Klb, on top, buy some, new whip
Henny, Empy, Pilsen, I sip
Counting the bills
Counting the blue
Don’t give a fuck about him, also you
Crossin’ yo bitch like Uncle Drew
Drinkin Jager like Mountain Dew
Chillin’ with the fuckin’ crew
Real ones, they are fuckin’ few
I am underrated
Feelin’ hella faded
I jus wanna say, I’m the best not even baiting
All the money I am making
All the hearts I be breaking
All these people think they tough
But the drink Smirnoff
Hit you with then I hit you with the Jelly
Got Julian Jpag, n’ Ely
Ara the girl Julian gonna marry
Ain’t Nike, Ain’t Fred Perry
I can do this all day
Fuck a 9 to 5, I got my own way
Flexing my shit not like Lil Tay
My life a movie while their’s issa clip
Finna get money KLB gotta dip
I bought Supreme n’ I bought all the drip
R.I.P Pac, R.I.P Nip
I’mma simple guy don’t wanna be cool
My bitches damn so beautiful

My bars weigh tonnes, not fuckin’ kilos
My homies got the strap, finna fuckin’ reload
If you ex is hot, fuck the fuckin’ bro code
Check me out man, I am on beast mode
They hatin’ on me
My hard work they don’t see
Flexin’ Louis V
Got a chick, her name is fuckin’ “Brie”
You girl don’t know the ABC’s
But for a fuckin’ fact she know she got STD

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