Touchdown lyrics

feat. Yung Mojo



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June 5, 2023

Touchdown lyrics

Chorus: Yung Mojo
Touchdown, touchdown
When I send that work, it’s gon’ touchdown
Touchdown, touchdown
Runnin’ with that pack, it’s gon’ touchdown
Touchdown, touchdown
When I send that pack, it’s gon’ touchdown
Touchdown, touchdown
Running with that sack, that’s that touchdown

Verse: Yung Mojo
I just need two for that P
If you buyin’ one you gettin’ one free
Come shop with me, yeah
You know my prices low
I’m shipping overseas, I’m shipping for that dough
Count rolls, count bankrolls
I ain’t fuckin with no stank hoes
Only fuckin’ with some foreign bitches
All designer, this some foreign linen

Touchdown, get the pound, yeah I flip shit
Homie bail on the ounce like a kick flip
With his thot, I do not comprehend lip
Start to say shit
And I’ll spray this
Come now face it, see through it like LASIK
My 4K HD tell me your bitch be basic
I don’t fuck no thot who wear fake Carti bracelets
And ride around faceless
Try out to be famous
Come out the box painless
Prada kicks while your bitch shop at Payless
3M tape on my Tommy, it’s stainless
Ghetto bitch out the block with the aimless
Yeah my bitch, she be clouted, she A list
She no hood witch, she posh and she gracious
Pray to god that these hoes come by nameless
When I’m yurnt I don’t care, bitch I’m tasteless

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