King of the Powder – Troy Kingi
Genre Pop

King of the Powder

He may look mean and good for nothing, least he got the goods
Non-conformer, he worked the corner… he did what he could
You wouldn’t believe he would up and leave… turn into the don
King of the Powder with all the power, the prodigal son

I must have left my diamonds on the plane
When all the work dried up they all went insane
My friend Picasso he don’t know he lay low till the Five-O ends
Can Mr Poppy pop his head out that depеnds?

Can you keep it from your brother? It’s bigger than family
Unless you likе concrete feet


Verse TWO
Several years have passed and now we meet again
Me with a Capri you with a Black Mercedes Benz
All the luxury won’t make a decent man
Left the fire only to return to this hot frying pan

It’s snowing out on the streets
Won’t let it in my house no more
Maybe when they got no soldiers in the war


King of the Powder take all the power, the prodigal son
King of the Powder with all the power… the ultimate con
King of the Powder lose all the power, God of Babylon
King of the Powder none of the power, witness protection

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