Killing Time – Stallion

Killing Time

Dressed to kill, it makes me feel so good
Denim, leather, spikes
No money in my pocket, but hunger in my eyes

We're on the loose, you can't stop us now
Rockin hard you gotta do it now
Let me show you how

Come on boys let's have some fun
1-2-3-4 - Party time
Riding fast cause we are on the run
1-2 Killing Time
Drop the bomb, baby that's allright
1-2-3-4 Party time
It's party time
Let's kick some ass tonight

You're not the only one, you have to hit the town
Take your time and your time is now
Nothing еlse that counts
Do it for the moment - Do it for your friеnds
Do it for the magic and do it for yourself

You're not alone
We're riding side by side
The power and the spirit makes you strong
Don't turn around, don't hezitate
This is the time, this is the place
Where we belong

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