Codeine lyrics
(English Translation)

feat. RAYTL

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Codeine lyrics
(English Translation)

I've syrup in my double cap and I’m not sick
I'm pouring in a sprite or a phanta, I'm free to decide here
We'll find you, fuck you, and bro, we won't drive you away
I piled some gas in a bag and there's a lot of stench here

I've a supply of syrup for three years, I'm serious
I won't even cheat my brother for a pint, I'm serious
I'm drinking codeine three times a night, I'm serious
Fuck relationships, give me whores, I'm serious

Region 98 will find you, don’t hide
If you go against us, we can’t vouch for ourselves
Try to cross the road bro, you'll suffer
Better repeat it boy, I won’t fucking swear

There’s no need to talk too much, we’ll take it by the balls
Fuck, you'll see Maxim Katz in me a little more
Your bitch calls me my baby and bunny
No, you aren't my bro, we will make a mosaic out of you

I inject codeine when I go to school
I even put codeine in a good cola
I'm injecting codeine while I'm sitting in the skipper mall
Try to take it away, boy, you'll immediately give up

I've taco bell in me and I look like esoterica
Guy, don't run away from us, I don't have pepper
Wholla gotta shoutin nigga I can fuck you
It doesn't cost me anything to even slap a fly

I look like nygga these bitches choo ku HI HI
I love the thicker hedgehogs in me, these PULLS
Lost consciousness Blame it on PER KI
I've a squad of bandits here, these are my KIS KI

My heart turned purple like the color of syrup
I spilled it and licked it all up, but I only spilled a little
I came home bad again, promethazine is to blame
Mom I swear I won't drink codeine anymore

Ra Ra Ra
Suck some more
Niggas hate me
Because it became black

I've codeine in my blood
And my dad will trash himself
Your music is in my ears
This is the default gay porn

What the fuck? bitch sucks for Louis
She's most pleased
You're a fucking fake because you're pretending to be rich

I'd Rather Fuck Instrumental
How will I deal with troubles
If you cheat
I'll change your orientation

I won't play your tracks
I'd rather buy black amiri
I'm so fucked by the slut
She's a trigger now

I make this paper
It's like a bitch is a printer
I won't fuck with you
I'd rather hack Twitter

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Killatrap, RAYTL – Codeine (English Translation)

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