Killah Priest – Whole Cumin (Eye of the Storm)
Genre Rap

Whole Cumin (Eye of the Storm)

Verse 1

Hasidic mystics talk to me
Aramaic linguistics, parables from wizards
Good fortune, bad spirits
Healers, aura feelers
Douse the water, Walter’s kneeling
Hood offering, clearance, perseverance
Break the curse of witches
Searching for winters
Measure of distance
Clothed together with the fabric of existence
Placed over the tablet then they kissed it, blessed it
Spoke the true message then gave it to me
I put it on records from yours truly

Verse 2

My life I’m jotting right on top of cotton
Heavy I’ve forgotten, eye of the storm watching
Edge of the night, calm wind
Distant thunder, splendid wonder
Priest is writing streaks of lightening
Psalms and hymns
Angel hair
It rains for seers
Saint’s prayer
The atmosphere, hemisphere shakes fear
The greats will cheer, then I spill out great tears
It breaks an ear, color the night with light
Dark grays pulling down dark shade
The heavenly man, lower cities
The upper world shows pity
The lotus, the lily
The China lamp shade, the rug handmade, the blood that man paved
Drink willow tea, tranquility
My page blank then I swivel ’til I see…
Further than my thoughts, like a thousand wings
And my words be the source

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