Killah Priest – Uttam
Genre Rap


Open the castle doors

He ate his porridge, the garlic made him brolic
The bulbs in his salad empowered
Lowered blood pressure, back rubs, flower nectar
The great great great ancestors gathered for the cold weather
He ate, the soup was hot, stirred the ginger ’til it curd
It’s for the injure you have to endure
Pure ginseng, red berry heads heavy
He stirred the broth as he talked, “This will cure your cough”
The goat thread makes some molding from the bed
The bitter tonic, the minced garlic
The plants from mossy woods, the swamplands
The saffron strands, the hot pan
Gargle for your soul, swollen glands
Open your pores, the man wild winter
Sweet leaves, pot boils for his tea under 180 degrees
The bark from the maple tree
“Master, I’m free”
Cow cabbage defines a doctor with malpractice
“Here’s the jelly from the wild cactus”
Mugwort-healing fabric, grow near the backroads
The old women have their fish in their mud huts that used to flood up
Caution: the milky juice from the unripe fruit cause hallucination, nerve stimulation
The aged tree communication, stems awaiting
What’s good? The from Mesopotamia
The rosemary flower tops twenty miles outside of Mecca area
Hurry, son, before they bury us
One day we needed leek and hibiscus so we traveled a distance
Saw a king, “We need herb for our sickness”
“This land is called Nod, my name is King, I declare myself a god”
He asked of the leek plants, the hibiscus, he turned around and slayed his bishop
The herb be Pacific
“I see you’re new to my system”
He told them that he was descendants of

“Who’s that? Who is that?”
Before the flood, there was love

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