Killah Priest, True Master – Cathedrals
Genre Rap


Verse 1Killah Priest

Beneath the nightfalls like pearl shadows to world battles
Above the pyramids going up to swirling pharaohs
I pull the Merlin tarot
Rhymes stand like a Berlin castle
Above the gold floors and sterling statues
Old walls, stone walls where cannonballs pass through
Towers of Babel
Right arm, the scriptures of Matthew tattoo
Light storms, messages deliver the bad news
It’s all evil when you speak to the walls of cathedrals
Above my announcement angels hover like the kestrel falcon
No rest, no nest, that’s in the mountains
Upon counseling they surround the king
Crystal heart, holy art, they only come down to sing
Crowns and rings they bring
I’m aware of them, cherubs, as I lounge and daydream
Coliseums are the gods in Eden
Shadowbox with the Loch Ness and spar with demons
The prophets from the projects, the heart of Medina
I spit bars, avatars in the back of a phoenix
Bloodline of the divine since the flood times
See my name in crown found on the black king list

Verse 2True Master

Yo, it took a long time for my life to reach here
Approximately twenty-five thousand of your earth years
It was predicted in all the ancient traditions
The god would return, call it divine intervention
Better yet, call it second coming of the first father
There were many stories told but only one saga
One truth but the truth is dual
Like a craftsmen who’s a master at using his tools
Meticulous, perfection in every detail
Pride the workmanship lest we fail
But failure’s not an option
Like imperfection only impaired perception
Guess you can call me the vision corrector
Eye doctor proper grand general inspector
I select the best part for myself or manifest, reflect my own sense of stealth


Yo, cathedrals be the seats of power of the priest kings
The original sovereigns back to solve problems
This year twenty-twenty vision is clear
All seeing, witness the prophecy
Cathedrals be the seats of power of the priest kings
The original sovereigns

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