Killah Priest – Tokyo Robots Pt. II Part A
Genre Rap

Tokyo Robots Pt. II Part A

We're at the airport, last resort, I got my passport and a visa, where we’re going we're flying far, please take me to your leaders, there's businessmen with suits with radios in their ears

Look around everywhere
Chief asked…

“What’s her net worth?”
Agents in Hawaiian shirts
Science on how minds work
experts, on a swab shows it was an inside job
Maybe Korea or the Tokyo mob
‘bout as far as spillage, it can tell that she left the building
She's finally out of gear
She's tryna get
Quick, find an engineer
Meanwhile somewhere, smoking Turkish cigarettes, known for large bets
He was mobbed by the press because of certain threats
Freeze frame, what's his name? [unknown
Particular about his drinks
The bartender winks
Liquor is served, watch the ice sink
He introduced himself with codes, said he came from a UFO
Had tuxedos, craps at the casino
He won three, followed by six 0's
Fine wine while they hit the keynotes
Cars that fly like the water
Robots that would die for the order
Villain named Metal Octopus
Hideouts called The Devil's Pocketbook
Inside were goons and lots of crooks
The place where cops were not to look
Opened her up, a bunch of toxic mush
Opened her back with a jack
The pipes covered with slime, the floor crawling with rats
Zap, a metal claw rattles down from the space
Then a giant head appears out of gray smoke
It said, “Ladies and gentlemen, you are now entering into the immortal alchemy, I must have your bodies, I am the overlord of the kingdom of the palace of eternity, in River World, you are oceanots”
The little girl was a robot from Tokyo
Evil and holy souls, cathedral rodeos
Pale horses with skeleton riders
Felled corpses, devils and tigers, “Quick, hide us”
Active volcanoes and a teepee, changing ages, body sizes and sexes, some he-she's
Cloning, mutations, home invasions
Meditation and hallucinations
[“What's going on?”] the rules creation
Universe translators
Nanotechnology, floating cities
The boat was misty with a host of Seraphim gypsies
Alien DNA, brainwave, died and came back the same day
The bio-Israelites made of gigabytes
Planet 51 missile strike
Area found with red ice, god type
Psychedelic mushrooms growing out of King Tut’s tomb
Mothman with wings cut cocoons
Prince of the Earth have sex with Queen of the Moon
Divine bolts of lightening
Destroy evil cities when I’m writing
Roman and the cults of the Vikings
Mad scientists, superhuman gothic elements
Cosmic intelligent
An army of Gnostic Nephilims

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