Genre Rap


Look at my arctic wrist
Is it Frozen on some Disney shit?
Feel it drop after the lick
I'm a woodsman to the west, packs of backs and Vivienne’s best
I'm ahead from the east, would strap a bag, can you see Clint's link at least

Do what you want cause a pirate is free
You are a pirate, rum with the tea
Like Saitama see, just ones what I need
Busting heads yeh, I need some release
There used to be a graying tower alone on the sea [gang
You became the light on the dark sidе of me [dark]

Your eyes crusty, closеd due to sleep
My eyes hangin’ low due to all of this weed
Separate those who wish ill to the weak
That makes a man strong the price ain't steep
My cinematic flow is hard
Mine is a band apart
Through my damn art, I put the heart in darkness
Bitch be bouncin' berry bags by the boulevard
History and how its told is what makes life hard

Got a sack of switches and I never had to wish it, ugh
Go pro showin' you the dope, kino shot by bitches, oh
Seven deadly sins are sins endeavoured since the devils grow
Sense the sensi seeping through your lungs, you gettin' sleepy bro
Listen to these bars of wisdom, don't ever sleep on me, no
This ain't ASMR but I'm an artist, I’m an AR, so
I guess that gone make these words 50 cal AP rounds, bro
I never asked for this and you know fuck all, we both Jon Snow
Finna shoot you, mark my territory, call me El Gato
Being black like Jack, I put the libre in El Nacho
Esta muy mal, no artículo positivo
Escuché cabron, yo no venge de Antanarivo
Me gusta todos drogas, pero no heroína
Claro, muchos marijuana pero no cocaína
This time it ain’t 3, bro, the 4th be the charm
The fifths of the liquor til 6 means alarm

My nigga look at me [man fuck a latency
Instead of redacting, I'm suddenly adding
AC activated for these streets I’m on my beat
Just like jazz I love my Mezz, just like Mezz I slang some heat, damn

A posse full of niggas be impossible my nigga, shit
Yall fuckin' finna get lost like 815 Oceanic
Shit happened before '10, yeh that's past-tense
I’m on twitter and they call me king
Its the big blue blood, lemme tell you bout the royal - tea
I ain't get no rest
Til I catch my forever rest
And my wrist
Catching Everest
Forever do my best
Always cool to the tests
Nevermore be less
Got the Godlike chest

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