Kiki and The Fluids – Kitchen Dragon Little Cat
Genre R&B

Kitchen Dragon Little Cat

I woke up this morning
There was a stranger in my house
But he didn't know how to get out
He wasn't from this place
But somehow he came to my residence
The visitor in my kitchen was a dragon

He used mouth-fire to make some food
Just made burnt bacon
And so Little Cat showed him
How to use the microwave instead
And so they smoked a joint
And ate hot pockets
He turned on the tv with the remote
And you know how the rest of this goes

Hе tried to call his family
But they don't use iPhonеs
Suddenly he picked up the banana
And made a silly dial tone

One by one his fam appeared
His grandpa had a big old beard
He gave them hugs and they rejoiced
His family had back their little boy

What would you do?

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