Kid Kaiser – Wicked Games
Genre Rap

Wicked Games

Feat. Lil Anunnaki

Verse 1 [Kid Kaiser] :
I Couldn't resist
To the devilish temptation
I couldn't find someone to share
The pain in my heart
The depth of my feelings
Girl I don't think someday you cared

Could you forget the things we did
The smell of your sweat over my sheets
Guess it was easy for you to leave
Now you are just a memory
Now it's too late
Too late
To say you're sorry or make things right
The damage is done
Memories are all gone
The only thing to do is move on

Hook :
But a part of mе still longs for you
But a part of me still longs for you
But a part of me still longs for you
But a part of me
Ho ho

Verse 2 [Lil Anunnaki] :
I'm in love with my demons
I'm in love with the lean
I'm in love with the weapons
I'm in love with the pills

I'm in love with the cocaine
Sorrow like the rain
Since you left i feel no-brain
Since you left I'm not the same
Now she's gone, I'm making money no-stop
I hate the drugs but I'm always fucked-up
She made me broke cuz she had me easy
She texted me when she saw me on the TV

No way had her in my zone
She hotter than a summer, Hotter than a sun
Still can't belive you left me alone
I only think of you when I'm turning on

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