Khun OC – PAIN
Genre Rap


Hook] x2
Keep you're bitch away from me, Ill blow her back just like Grenades
Diamonds 'round my neck and VVS's Shining up on my chain
Shine them bitches on my chain
I like having fun, I run away from all my pain


Feel like fifty, everywhere I go I got my whole team with me
Bangkok city ask the streets about me
Life been getting reckless, I be getting to the bag
Time to get rich baby, buy a house with me maybe?
Trap it out with me maybe? Im a whole other nigga, little bit bipolar
Just a little bit crazy, Broke boy can't hang
Try to run up and the chopper go bang bang
We gon catch you out in traffic in your mustang
Yellow tape with the ambulance ring ringin
Yeah im the soul snatcher, fear factor
We gon give yo ass a head fracture, fuck a bitch im a cheek clapper
You a fake, you a real capper
Fuck a friend fuck a bitch, I just do it by myself
All these pussy niggas snitchin, police book you like a shelf
How many time you gon let that slide?
Wheres your energy, wheres your pride?
Squad stay small but we always stand tall
Squad stay small but we always stand tall
Show me where the cash is
Try to reach for something and my brother gon spazz him
Sadomasochistic I love it when niggas bleed out
Sacrificial niggas whenever they calling me out, start a killing spree!
Yeah, ride around town with the stick
Keep yo hoe away she gon catch this dick
She wanted a pic so I fucked her n dipped

Hook] x1

[Verse 2

Stack it up aye, double cup aye
Big booty bitch let her back it up aye
Fuck a nigga bitch, now they broken up aye
Claiming all these sets, nigga throw it up aye
Pop a nigga ass like a perk
Then im back at the studio treating rap shit like its work
Lives too short, and your problems too long
You the type to dap me up then diss me on a song

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