Kevin Ross – Inside Freestyle
Genre R&B

Inside Freestyle

Inside Freestyle lyrics


Patience, know you tired of stayin' in
Tryna spread love on you, I ain't talkin' Texas, we go a cappella
Make a plan, it's just whatever, hit your Spotify
We get tired of any station it's like, oh, you the GOAT
Every time you come through, it's a standing O
Tryna mash up on that ass just like my show
Come get what you've been waitin' for
Won't you let me, let me, let me?


[Won't you let me] Come in
[Come inside
Let me feel what I can find, I won't even explore more
Than your body, but your mind [Don't stop
Won't you let mе
So let me [won't you let mе] let me, please
[Come inside] inside [Ooh]

Verse 2

See, just like I murdered a beat, ain't nobody to compete
Top of the key, I'll have you raining on me
Just like I stepped on your feet, give me your ring
I'm in a coup, I got the aim, ready to shoot
Bring in the fire like in the booth, you need a fix, I got the tools
Yeah [True], you know if those walls could talk
Never backing coming hard, drowning every time your waterfalls
Just tell me where to start, baby, if you let me
I promise I'ma take you there, only if you let me


[Won't you let me] me [come inside] inside
I promise I'ma take you there, only if you let me
[Won't you let me] me [come inside] inside, oh


Girl, just don't tell me I came all this way [I came all this way
Just for you to change your mind
Won't you tell me?
I'll wait night and day just for you to say to me
Won't you come inside?


[Won't you let me come inside?
Right, yeah [don't stop
[Won't you let me] I'm just sayin' [come inside
If ain't me, then who else would it be? Ayy, ayy

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