Ken Hensley – The Joy of Knowing Jesus
Genre Pop

The Joy of Knowing Jesus

There is nothing like the joy of knowing Jesus
Believe in him, there's nothing he can't do
No, there's nothing like the joy of knowing Jesus
So walk with him and let him walk with you

Once upon a time I thought I had it all
Everything a man's heart could desire
I didn't see the truth 'til I began to fall
And I prayed, Lord save me from the fire

Now I know that there's no other way
Gotta turn from sin and give my heart to him
Oh, joy I'm saved by his sacrifice
And by the grace of God I can only win

Don't be concerned, you'll havе to change your life
Beliеve in him, he'll do it for you
And don't wait for troubled times to call on him
Through thick and thin he won't ignore you

I only wonder why I waited so long
Precious time has come and gone
But I'm here now 'cause he was watching me
He's holding me and I can't go wrong

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