Ken Hensley – Take and Take
Genre Pop

Take and Take

I gave my friend a helping hand
But I find it hard to understand
Why this and more
Never seems to be enough

For as long as I live
I'm prepared to give
Just as much of myself
Or of what I have
For I know what it's like
When the going's really rough

But I can see there are decisions
I will have to make
In a world that seems to live on
Take and take and take

And what will happen
Should the river of my soul run dry?
Will I be needed then?
Will someone sing me a lullaby?

My friend gave me a helping hand
And I wondеred then
If I could be a man
Strong еnough to forgive with a smile

Now as I've travelled far-off lands
I see it clearer
And it makes me glad
I guess I'm happy 'cause
I'll go on giving for a while
And I hope it's for all my life

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