Ken Carson – Should of Listened
Genre Rap

Should of Listened

Verse 1: [Ken Carson]

Everyday I wake up, in a different mood
Hold on let me put on my jewels
Let me freshen up real quick
I’m bout to turn on my swag bitch
This broke ass hoe can’t brag on shit
I’m bragging on my neck and wrist
Know my shit shine, know my shit glisten
She want Dior, Dior, Dior, Dior, but I’m no Christian
Balenciaga all on me or this marni on me I just [?] my vision
This chrome hearts on my wrist got niggas pissed
Now his bitch missin’
Told you I’ll take your hoe, I’ll fuck your bitch
You shoulda listened
You shoulda listened
Bitch you shoulda listened
Lil bitch you shoulda listened
Lil bitch you shoulda listened
Verse 2: [Lil Tecca]

Cut her off I ain’t miss it, bad hoe still trickin’
I know these lil niggas they apprentice
When a broke nigga try my name now that’s the only thing get me offended
Shit we do everyday we be flexin’
Know your bae is not bad as my ex is
If you talking about money and lessons
Only get to my head if I let it
How much bitches on me? I regret it
When I Nigga said fuck it I meant it
Everything classified like it’s Ned’d
And my bitches they bad with no edits
And your bitches they came with no edges
Only talk if the money get sent in

Verse 3: [Destroy Lonely]

Only talk if the money get sent in
I got this bad ass bitch and I put her on timeout call it detention
I’m in a fast ass whip lil boy you can’t even catch you a witness
I only rock the clearest diamonds bitch they shine like Christmas
We in this bitch getting way too geeked up Bruh is you trying to hit this?
I swear I done crossed like every freak hoe off my hit list
I swear I done crossed every opp nigga off my hit list
I ain’t got no time for that, I’m minding my business
Only got some time for racks, I’m minding my business
Said I already hit your Thot down here, you shoulda listened
You a bitch but you say you the top dawg, that don’t make no sense man
Why you niggas be all on Xbox we play with them sticks man
Verse 4: [Ken Carson]

We play with them sticks, ain’t talkin’ call of duty
He say he with the shits, tell that boy to prove it
Got a new text from your bitch this hoe just sent some nudes in
Said she wanna suck my dick, said ok, then flew her in
One thing about these hoes they wanna fuck on the young Carson Ken
Hit your bitch she ain’t even know
I ain’t have no clout, ain’t have no money back then
But now I’m rockin’ shows and I’m lit, bitch that money in
I’m shitting on the niggas that weren’t fucking with me back then
Now I got power by the hour ain’t talkin’ no ratchet
My young nigga tote that banger, he’ll knock you off to get his stain up
Look how the tables turned when I came up
This ain’t money I’m flexin’ can’t be on your brain bruh
These niggas talk down when they bringing my name up
Just know when I see that lil boy then it’s up

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