Kelsey Lu – Poor Fake (Omar S Remix)
Genre Pop

Poor Fake (Omar S Remix)

Verse 1

Don't matter where are you hide
It'll catch right up to you
You can try to resist the feeling
Slip the canvas in my blues
When the water starts boiling over
Start second-guessing yourself
Like, "Is it me, can they give you something
That might just be missing?"


Is this real or just a poor fake?
Is this real or just a poor fake?

Verse 2

Like a moth to the flame, you held it
When their attention swayed, lust ruled it
Through the halls of your fog
I want you to find me, masterpiecin'
From the forgeries of fools
I've cut my hand on a thousand pieces


As I stare into its frame, slowly approaching
At first glance, this is the finest painting I've ever laid eyes on
As they all say, it truly is one of a kind
I lift my magnifying glass to its smooth lines
Taking a closer look, inspection is key
What do we have here? Could this be a forgery?

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