Kelly Rowland – Bartees Strange
Genre Rap

Kelly Rowland

Berlin City where I saw the finer things
Candy lip I swear she taste like Tangerine
Throw a rack on baby wrist so she the ting
Broke ass nigga but I got versace dreams, does it lean

I hit a lick bruh
I can’t afford ya
Why we afraid love
They don’t believe ya
When I was sidelined, no one believed me
But now I got posters, lil baby neck gleaming
That ain't a snack, lil baby a meal
I rent out the lear, could take you a year
See im in berlin, and I’m sitting sideways

Don’t you come up out the crib if you ain't strange babe
You gon’ miss the wave babe
Yahhhh babe yaahh babe
You dont leave the crib you’ll miss the strange wave
That’s what I think babe
Broke ass nigga but I got versace dreams

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