Allah-Las – Keeping Dry
Genre Rock

Keeping Dry

Verse 1

Moving like a death wind
Headed for the land's end
Shaking like a toothpick
Gonna make your ma sick

Chorus 1

Sorry that's my train
Maybe see you back here again

Verse 2

Flipping like a light switch
Trying to make my mind rich
Coming down the highway
Gonna catch it my way
Leave it by the wayside
Move into the day side
You know I got a feeling
I ain't got a reason

Chorus 2

Gotta catch this train
Maybe I'll see you back here again
The order's might tall
Keeping dry in a waterfall

Verse 3

Moving like a cool breeze
Blowing through the tall trees
Didn't pack a suitcase
Gonna quit the rat race

Chorus 3

Don't want to miss this flight
I'll be back when the timing's right
Orders might tall
Keeping full on no bread at all

Verse 4

Rolling like an earthquake
Through an empty landscape
Looking in a spyglass
Watching all the time pass

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