Keenan Layne – Out of Mind
Genre Rap

Out of Mind

Feat. Seth Bowman

Uh huh
I'm too high for this shit

Do you ever hear voices in the back of your head
I’m not crazy
With that being said I dread every moment alone
At my damn home and when I’m in bed
And all the voices in my head
Well you know they spread
Shot through the head with an infrared scope
In a dream that I had after smoking some dope
And man I really feel like I’m at the end of my rope
With the rope rapped around my neck waiting to choke
Hey buddy I’m back the one you mеt a night back
In the dream that you had with that jet and back pack
Ahhh gеt the fuck away from me I don’t know you
A dream is a dream and not reality I told you
Very few people make me question my field of view
And the ones left standing well there are very few
So for you to think that you can come and blow right through
Your world is ending fast I’m coming straight for you
Don’t be nervous or scared I’m friendly buddy I swear
If people don’t check on you then you know that they don’t care
These are the words of truth I’m not trying to lie to you
I have no real body I’m the thoughts that are inside you
Get the fuck away from me I told you once I’ll tell you twice
You are not inside of me and you will meet your demise
There are no disguises that you could employ or provide
But it’s my time to take you over don’t be so uptight

I’m in control now
No more struggling
It’s over

I’m connecting constellations across the mass populations
Obligations through a trial of nominations
Dominatrix complications often leading to involuntary confrontation Consultation till I can’t stand
Tired from all these wrestling hands and constant demands
Till the sands of time stain my shirt with colors of the Earth
Yeah you gotta learn your worth
I’ve been this way since birth
A motherfucking curse
Roll me in a gold rimmed low riddin' hearse
I’m only for the worst and often rehearsed
Tell 'em you’ve been calmly coerced into a deep thirst
Feeling like your heart just burst
Now you’re really immersed
Will you quickly disperse
You’re never round when it’s time to reimburse
But now it occurs
How could I get worse with a mind so open and perverse
See inspiration for my verse came while snatching a purse
Simultaneously managing to transverse so in other words
I stay packin' the most lyrical features
Lookin up to our holy teachers and call them our spiritual breeders
Till we can afford to purchase sneakers
Till there’s dreams of multi millions
With investments by the billions
And visions of supplying provisions under these scrutinous conditions
While signing petitions only tends to get vicious
I won’t make or break my self inhibition at the cost of becoming a global citizen Well disciplined with innocence

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