Keenan Layne – Exit Left (Skit)
Genre Rap

Exit Left (Skit)

Feat. Seth Bowman

IntroKeenan Layne

Thank you thank you
I’m glad everyone made it out tonight
And I just want to thank everyone for investing so much into me
You make me who I am
*Curtains closing*
*Walking offstage*

Keenan Layne, [Seth Bowman

Alright man be honest how bad was it
[Man what?
You killed that shit bro!
Don't underestimate yourself
Yeah I know man I know
You were right this shits fun as fuck though
[I told you bro we just gotta grind and stay on our shit man
We got this
We'll be out of here in no time
Well where do we go from here?

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