Keem Da Great – Fa Real
Genre Hip Hop, Rap

Fa Real

Chorus 1

Tryna get some time knocked off the sentence, I'ma say a L just to be specific
These the consequences from when I was ignorant, still goin in sittin in this prison
Still goin in bitch I'm on a mission, no time soon will you see me quittin
Said I couldn do it but I went and did it, you can smell the fumes from a nigga shittin
I can change ya mood with the shit I'm spittin, I can fill a room with the shit I'm pennin
They say I'ma fool cause they don't really get it, cause a nigga grew they say I'm actin different
Everything I do I do it for the children, dealing with this pain so they ain't gotta feel it
Ain't about thе fame I’m tryna make some millions, just bеing me and that make me the realest

Verse 1

I was young and dumb, but my father told me don't say that
At a early age jumped off the porch I was runnin ‘round like a stray cat
Going crazy no straight jacket, role models was the street niggas
And that's why my generation full of jack boys and D Dealers
Slid in a couple weed dealers if you leave the house keep the heat wit cha
Same ones you got love for be the same one starting beef wit cha
If loyalty means everything why the fuck ya right hand sneak dissin?
If that nigga so real why the fuck it's paper work that say he snitchin?
And they tryna tell me listen, y'all niggas acting up
So hard to believe you when the shit you saying ain't addin up
Everybody talk G shit, very few back it up
Y'all throw shots we a throw em back, yo niggas die don't be mad at us
Game ain't the same, I don't like the change
I ain't tryna hang, I stay in my lane
Along wit myself, it's people I want out these chains
Just playing the cards I was dealt, I ain't never been one to complain

Chorus 2

Gotta get this L gone I'ma do it, 10 years in still makin music
How the fuck he droppin really got em clueless, you can sit around bitch I'm gettin to it
Live from the joint and that nigga foolin, if you really listen bra be going stupid
Swag on point demeanor be the clueless, know the boy focus pen game the shrewdest
Classic or a hit whenever I produce it, don't nobody do it how the boy do it
Songs fa the women wit the boy croonin, shine for these women got cha girl choosin
All about the paper you a think I'm Jewish, circle real small we been duckin Judas
They don't know no better guess I gotta school em, just bein me and that make me the truest

Verse 2

All grown up, mistakes made and I learned from em
Say he from the same block as you but ain't nobody never heard of em
Relatives that shitted on em, he don't speak a word of em
See the brother on his way home tryna reach out man the nerve of em
No time wasted, I been workin overtime
Heartbreak a do a number on you I'm just glad to say that I'm over mine
My whole damn life a struggle how the fuck you feel I ain't spose to shine
You spose to go and get cha own money not worry bout me gettin mine
You stupid niggas ass backwards, real life no actin
Gotta son that's dependin on me so it's all work no slackin
Neva gave a damn bout circumstances, it's a way to make it happen
Set the booth on fire every time like I'm constantly lightin matches
I share a birthday wit a bale bro, I did a couple tracks wit Patrick
They askin me how I get home I just say the lawyer did a hat trick
Went in wit the pen in the pen wrist whippin up the magic
They say they need anotha classic, I'm like abra kadabra

Chorus 3

Really held it down they ain't even see it, just touchdown still can't believe it
Slid right pass they say I was cheatin, puttin in work they don't get the meanin
It a be awhile for the boy leavin, they think I'ma glutton how the boy eatin
Mine know I love em ain't no acts a treason, screamin free the guys till they get they freedom
Know the world cold gotta keep a heater, wrist game froze fresh up out the freezer
Go so hard do it for the people, swag so dope they say it's illegal
He drop a dose to much might be lethal, know it's all love wheneva I see you
I turn it up till I max out the meter, just doin me let you know I'm fareal, Uh

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