KbPoppin – School
Genre Rap


7 am, Woke up for school
Look at my pillow, nothing but drool
Walk in the bathroom, brushing my teeth
When I get back, I fuck on my mule

After I'm done, I go to the kitchen
Eggs and sausage, I get to whippin'
Run out the house, It's 7:08
Crashed the car, I might be late

Looked at the cars, that nigga died
Felt kinda bad, sike Nah I lied
Sprinting down morris, bag on my back
Halfway there, I tripped on a crack

Looked at my leg, that shit was broken
But I'm built different, so I kept going
Entered the school, looking a mess
When I look down, I'm wearing a dress

Everyone laughing, Everyone crying
Little they know, I keep a 9
I'm boutta blow, fuck all these niggas
I pull out my Glock, finga the trigga

Everyone dying, everyone bleeding
When I look up, I see the ceiling
I'm feeling good, they shouldn't laughed
Chop on a nigga, like it's Minecraft
Then I woke up, middle of class
I'm learning English, razzamadazz
Confused as a bitch, where is my gun
I only just started, this shit was so fun

When I look down, nothing but shorts
Was this a dream? I wanted some more
I look around, everyone living
Reach for my 9, guess I didn't bring it

I'm kinda mad, I was just sleeping
I looked at the clock, it's 2:33
School almost over, I'm having a blast
Then the bell rings, I dipped out of class

I walk outside, I see my mule
She lookin bad, you know what I do...
This hoe is loud, she going crazy
I take her home, made her my lady

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