KayJAY – Bihh
Genre Rap


I just walked in hope they don't get to Tossing
All these niggas hating cause they know that I'm saucin’ ask me where I'm from Ima scream out Austin
Not talking Texas damn this shit reckless Niggas tryna turn up then shit get hectic
Stomp a nigga out put his on bed rest
If it's bout anything it better be bout a damn check
This niggas brainless take picture you should frame this flexing in the club might leave chain less Feds get behind me then I gotta make a lane switch jump up on 290 put my shit in fitness if I do some dirt I can't lеave no witness

Bitches jumping likе its double Dutch pour me up a double cup my bitch gotta bubble butt
My woods know they double stuff

My pockets stuck on overload my bitch look like a center fold yeah you know I'm train to go
Get my ounces for the low

Smoking loud this ain't no dro
Won't rob me I can't go
Too much sauce yeah you know
I'm the boss you the coach

While you sit a draw up plays I be busy getting paid want smoke we can catch fade get his ass up out way

You can catch me in the land in pockets a couple bands ion need no damn friends all I got is these blue mans remember hanging wit the tens found out those really wasn't no ends start ed kicking it wit 20s had my roll lil chunky damn where's them hornist . I'm tired of looking at these hunkies

Couple 100 hunnits wit then fifties make them bitches gimme hickies i can't even roll a blunt cause my weed to sticky ion like no fake ass I would not hit nicki Lemme find out what's to iggy maybe we can get giggy really ain't problems wit me cause it is I’m acting silly ‘meber taking niggas bike I wasn't tryna pop a wheelie if we outta woods it’s bool I’ll smoke this Philly

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