Katai – Redz//peachice
Genre Rap



Verse] x2
She got my name tattood on her thigh
She gone hold my shank if i can't
She gone hold me close everytime she cry
Baby wip your tearz wit theze benjaminzz
I get banjamins they call me the benji man
John wick when i’mslide im the boogie man
Fw me get yo ass beat for free man
Pockets full of red cuz im from new zealand
That boy gay as hell like lucifox
Half a pound on the table imma sell it all
Only smoking loud you can smell it all



Yeah, yeah, hey, wooooooa, woooooa
Smoking on very nice, hold on hold on hold on hold on

"Hey, i just wanna say, u know what i’m sayin’
Shootout to my fans, for real, I love my fans
I hope you‘ll enjoy this shit
These 2 songs actually wasn’t supposed to be on here but shit, like
I love my fans so i’m give him back"


Smoking on very nice
Smoking on peach ice
Smoking on very nice
Why should i be nice
Smoking on peach ice
Smoking strawberry cough

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