Katai – Anahera//how
Genre Rap



I ain't even speak girl you know what im thinking
Going through the worst making money help with grieving
Keep my heart like winter even if it ain't the season
Bitch i hit the mall with you we stealing for no reason
Even if you hurting know ill stay and i ain't leaving
I ain't ever leaving even if i have a reason
Let them talk about it they won't ever know the meaning
I know you get scared when im driving and im speeding
If i ever hurt you i won't forgive myself


Smoking on loud
Say you need me right now
Tеll me that you need me right now
Money up but im down
You know im around
Simon say bb my bеlt
Tell me that you love me im like how
Tell me that you need me im like how
Yeah this loud you can smell
Smoking on dope up in hell like a hellhound
Smoking on dope high as hell in the damn clouds
Smoking on dick for some damn clout

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