Kasher Quon – Sweepstakes
Genre Rap



Kasher Quon

Let's go

Alright, alright, alright

You feel me?

[Oh, yeah, Chris]

Just cut into this hoe like, "hurry up, bitch!" [Hurry up
Scammed a liquor store, gave ’em bills that was counterfeit [They was fake
Scammed a white bitch online, she said "you kinda' ignorant." [Damn
I paid my mans to go and kill a nigga and he halfway did it [He ain't even do it
This song already hard as hell and we halfway did it
I had to stop fuckin’ wit' my cousin cause he don't pay attention
I made yo' bitch be my runner cause she pay attention [She smart
Back in high school, got suspended, I wasn't payin' attention [I don't care
Now I'm doin’ videos and shows, I get paid when y’all listen
I don't wanna pick up the phone if it ain’t 'bout business [Hello
I'm on an important call right now and it's ’bout business [Bing!
Scammed a old NBA player named Dennis Rodman [Dennis Rodman
Bought a fake ID, now my new name Michael Jordan
I'm sick niggas think they gettin' off wit' a pair of Jordans [Bum
Beat a nigga ass and stomp him out in some black Forces [Black Forces
Just left Fairlane and I bought five pair of black Forces [I need five pair
Almost got caught one time by the US Marshalls [Got caught
Just caught my old bitch doin' some shopping at Marshalls [Broke ass bitch
Just sent my new bitch to do some shopping at Target [Ooh
She bouta' come out wit' iPads and all kinda' electronics [Bing!
This bitch wanna irritate me, I'm tryna smoke chronic [Fire
I see you dropped a new video, nobody cared about it [Don't nobody care
Got this one bitch i been fuckin' wit' for five years cause i care about her
You do yo' thang, i'ma do my thang, but we don't go together [Period
This shit fucked me up when me and Teejay did a show together [Across the state
We was broke as hell, fucked up, in somebody basement [Broke as fuck
Now we made it wit' the music and we damn near rich [on God
I'm tired of all my old hoes, I'm bouta' drop a new bitch [A new bitch
I'm tired of my AR, i'm bouta' buy a new gun [bllllllllrrrrrr
Paid $200 for a eighfy, i'm smokin' Bubblegum [Bubblegum Cookie
I ain't't wanna respond to the diss cause you a bum [Fuckin' bum
I'm sick every weed man say they got Runtz [You don't have Runtz
I'm sick every bitch say she want a lace front [I don't have it
I'm sick every nigga wanna come and hit my blunt [Get the fuck on!
This bitch just text and said "hit it from the front." [boop
I'm straight on that shit, I'ma hit it from the back [Come on
Bro said he got some fire Cookie, I hope it's crack [I hope
Just seen one of my mans from middle school smokin' crack, what the fuck? [What the fuck?!
That nigga dumb or somethin'? [He dumb
This bitch just asked for some money but I ain't give her nothin' [I ain't care
This nigga just ran off wit' a play, I'm bouta' kill my cousin [I'm bouta' shoot
I'm sippin' on a 4, drinkin' liquor right now, I'm buzzin' [I'm blowed
This bitch said she wanna come over and you know she comin' [Hurry up
Nigga said that he got a whip but he was runnin' to the bus [The bus?
I just slapped the fuck outta this hoe for not lettin' me fuck [Dumb
My cousin got 5 years in the feds cause he got caught up [He got caught
Cheated on my bitch last night and i got caught up [I got caught
Just sent $2,000 through Apple Pay and it got locked up [What the fuck?!
I'm havin' a good day, found out my opp locked up [He got locked up
I just drove all the was to Starbucks for a lean cup [For a lean cup
Dirty ass nigga, in yo' head you got wing worm [Dirty ass nigga
I don't wanna fuck that lil' hoe, she got WING worms [Ooh
This bitch irrtatin', keep askin' for a cheesecake
Walked out the bank wit' $50k, they think I hit the sweepstakes [I ain't hit the lottery
Broke ass boy, lil' nigga, you a cheapskate [Cheap as fuck
Just fucked this lil' bitch, now i'm bouta' leave her place
Bought a half zip of some Wedding Cake and I faced it
Broke ass nigga, sleepin' in his people's basement
This lil' bitch hit me up and you know I fucked her
I just sparked up an Exotikz pack of Gushers [Oh, yeah, Chris][Fire
Found my uncle social so you know I'm bouta' scam him [Scam him
Yo bitch broke as hell that's why she dancer [Tryna strip
I'm bouta' throw a temper tantrum [I'm mad
Cause I can't find no fuckin' lean and I need it [I need it
Bitch, I'm fiendin' [I'm fiendin'
Y'all niggas broke around this bitch, y'all be fiendin' [Y'all be fiendin'
The bitch an't even let me fuck, I think she bleedin'. [She was bleedin'
Just beat a nigga ass and knocked him out for no reason [For no reason]

Let me hear that shit

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