Kasher Quon – Chauncey Billups
Genre Rap

Chauncey Billups

Feat. BabyTron

IntroBabyTron & Kasher Quon

Shooting at the opps out the whip, might hit a
Ayy, skrrt
Kasher Quon
Let's go

Verse 1BabyTron

Shooting out the whip at the opps, might hit a bystander
Jugging hams at the Western Union, I feel like Kasher
Made her eat the dick and she can't spend the night after
Bitch talking 'bout buy her hair? I had to eyelash her

Verse 2Kasher Quon

EDD still working, you gotta bypass it
I walk around with all blue cheese, I don't like
Still flashing a band and all twenties? That's light though
The last nigga that tried to rob me was a jackrabbit

Verse 3BabyTron

Moonwalking off the Runtz like I'm Mike Jackson
Crack a joke about me? Swear to God you gon' die laughing
Throw a jab at me? Swear to God you gon' die scrapping
Pеrcocet from China, bitch, I'm blowed off a

Verse 4Kasher Quon

I'll pour up in a Faygo, I don't like Fanta
I'll nеver smoke a cigarette, I don't like cancer
I told her, "We can fuck but you can't stay the night after"
Just poured bleach on a nigga skin, he Mike Jackson

Verse 5BabyTron

.223 hit his 'fro, he got the Chauncey Billups
Hitman on a mission, got a walkie-talkie
Bougie lineup, really only fuck with bossy bitches
Double cup full of Wocky, it ain't got no coffee

Verse 6Kasher Quon

I'm mad as hell at Saks, they ain't have my joggy
Fucked her off a Perc' for two hours, now she walking different
Shot him in his mouth two times, now he talking different
The first question that I asked yo bitch is do she swallow children

Verse 7BabyTron

Crackhead asked for a dub, I had to dollar bill it
I don't cap but I might be in Lids tryna cop a fitted
Crab, steak, chicken, got some lobster with it
Dawg making ten a hour up at Wendy's, washing dishes

Verse 8Kasher Quon

Just shot him in the head, he went bald, that nigga Chauncey Billups
And I scammed a old retired nigga that look like
Just smacked this bitch blunt out her hand, she smoking Swishers
My cousin got thirty-five years, he smoked a victim

Verse 9BabyTron

High as hell smoking Runtz
Bought a rocket launcher, tell the opps I'm tryna blow 'em up
ShittyBoyz, Big B's, I'm finna throw it up
Two rappers jamming chips, I think the clerk know what's up


Huh, ayy, ShittyBoyz

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