KAMMIE CHRISTO – Who's Dead? Doom?
Genre Rap

Who's Dead? Doom?

Just for Fun

Just for Good Luck

Just for Fun


Beatles more famous than Jesus

Is Yeezy's more famous than Yeezus?

Just ate a plate of Bacon

Now all the cops on my block out squealing


I Don’t Wanna look in your eyes

And No!

Don't want you to look into mine and No

Can't get you out of my sight, and No
We Hang Out Like All of The Time

And No
Cellophane, in my Heart, and on my Brain

She likes my hair, yeah she tugs my mane

She’s a Good Girl, but she's not tame

She Loves my Family, yeah She Wants my Name

Kammie Christo On Your Fucking Brain


Dumile's Dead!

Doom's Dead!

Who gives a fuck about the Music Industry if Doom's Dead?

Doom's Dead

Fuck Man
Doom's Dead!

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