KAMMIE CHRISTO – Love (Others) Out Of Time
Genre Pop

Love (Others) Out Of Time

Forget the prison you're not doing time

Free the 3

Free all of the crime

What is the fire that's born of the sea?

What is the water that is born of me?

Where else she stood, within the Lover's time

Where she learned to bend the subtle and the fine

Where she stabbed others in thigh

Where she bled others right out of hеr eyes

Love thе others out of their mind

Feel all the hatred through the end of time

Pay for the losses and Pay for the crime

The shackles were thick but the thread it was fine
Did the Lover learn how to lose all their mind?

Was there an issue in un-erring time?

Where was the Lover? Where was the fine?

Where was the kindness that was beyond time?

Why are you stuck? Don't get stuck in the mind?

Love all the others like it's you in [in] time

Love all the others like you out of time!

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