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Future Me lyrics

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May 5, 2023

Future Me lyrics

The world is just too cold
I don’t want to get old
I do what I am told
My dream’s put on hold

I thought I need to be wise
And try to play nice
But I’m too precise
Can’t be criticised
All I can do is just try
To close my eyes

Is this my destiny?
To struggle internally
How can I try to be
In harmony?

I thought I could maybe
Outgrow this tragedy
Why aren’t you here with me?
If only you’d see

I thought I took your advice
And try not to cry
But to my surprise
I just compromise
As I lay down and just try
To close my eyes
Is this my destiny?
To drown in my tragedy
How can I build my own sanctuary?

I guess I should maybe
Make up a remedy
Why aren’t you here with me?
One day you will see

I can’t fight with myself
Just be who I need to be
Time to let go of me
Oh goodbye, farewell, so long, old me

Yes, it’s my destiny
To wrestle to victory
I will try to push through
These boundaries oh~
Finally I’m ready
To make more of life’s memories
You will be proud of me
When you see me oh~

Letter to future me
I wish…
Kaiwyn – Future Me

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