Kadie Karen Diekmeyer – The Secret Door to the Basement of the School
Genre Rap

The Secret Door to the Basement of the School

Hello! How are you?
I am fine
What did you do last night?
I had a great time

Okay, but what did you do? Was it really cool?
Yes, I ate lots of candy in the basement of the school
What do you mean? How'd you get down there?
There's a secret door, but I can't tell you where

A secret door? I want to go too
Behind it there are chocolate bars and lollipops too
How many lollipops?
A million! Maybe more

What did you say?
A million
Are you sure? Were you alone, or was someone else with you?
I went with my cat and dog
That can't be true! Why didn't you call me? I woukd have come for sure

Because my cellphone fell through a door on the basement floor
A door on the floor? What do you mean?
It was under a carpet there, we found it at the scene

You mean you moved the carpet and opened the door?
Yes, and down there, there were gummy bears, two million, I am sure

Did you eat them all or did you bring some back for me?
I couldn't because a monster came to take them all, you see
Thankfully, a mouse came to scare the monster away

Is that when your adventure stopped, at that time of the day?
No, that's when I found the cash enough to have a party
I hope you can come, it's at eight. Don't be tardy

So the party's at eight? Oh, I just can't wait
Yes, can you bring the stereo and please not be late?
Sure! So, we're going to eat and dance?
Who else is going to come?

Invite all our friends
Oh, it's going to be such fun
Let's let everyone bring their cats and dogs

And let's let them bring their horses and their hogs
Where is the party?
In the basement of the school

Behind the secret door?
Yeah, it's going to be so cool
Great! See you there
Bye bye for now

Yup, see you later
I'm going to get my cow

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