K Zeus – Nov 9th (Still Fly)
Genre Rap

Nov 9th (Still Fly)

Version III
Uh huh King Blaine, K Zeus

Its the ones that drink henn with ya like ya pictures
Now they anna grab the guns and come and get ya
Its real crazy now its the beginning of something greats
Its the ones that drink henn with ya like ya pictures
Now they anna grab the guns and come and get ya
Love crazy I know she love me but I'm too far gone

Last name ever first name greatest
Fresh prince like Will being iconic got me jadеd
I got room for improvement right now I’m getting fadеd
With Taiema up in Grooves while Court is debating
To start his own business I should get to business
It’s been dark days but a playa ain’t seen winning [nah
Even when’s they winning as soon as it starts it finishes
I seen them lose they mind when all they ends diminishing
Chuck got signed to Interscope then Chuck got dropped
A couple a&rs Hit Me and Rome then it stopped
A couple boys dropped some albums and they all flopped
Doing nine to fives just punching in the clock
A few do it for the love even though they past they prime
A couple dope boys run the block like Optimus Prime
And then comes me a nerd from the hood
Doing all the things that they said I never could on god
Hey Hey Hey Hey
Don't say you will just say what's real
Just say what's on your mind
I'm still fly I'm Sky high
And I dare anybody to try to cut my wings
I'm still reppin' it for Harlem
These haters want no problems
Baby I'm still doing my thing I'm still

In school for graphic and designs
That album cover me that come up was designed
I Reached out to all the content creators
Now we throwing ones K West so amazing
I ain’t Poseidon I’m on my oceans tip
Ya boy just making waves I got that oceans drip
360 with the spins 360 in a Benz
They want 360 on that deal but I’m 360 with my ends
Keep ya friends in check and your enemies dead
Cause people get crazy when they see you getting bread
When you got the juice and they all want the flavor
Don’t lose on paper doing to many favors
K Zeus I’m just trying to change my neighbors
Avoiding all the crack and piss in elevators
Trying to make so much dough I don’t have neighbors
Ima go off rogue one Darth Vader
Fire first the team and that team to strong
Feeling like Sisqo I just wanna see some thongs
I wanna see her twerk I wanna see her work
Feeling like T pain cause you know ima flirt
I would say Kellz but y’all knew that I won’t
See one minute you got it and the next minute you don’t
So while I got the power I just want this forever
This is just song one it gets much better

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