Juvenileblokkclique – U_could_have_been_me.mp3
Genre Pop


Feat. Iktyh

[*you could have been me*]

Verse 1Iktyh

What you keep on me? You don't even care
Take long to respond, Girl I love when you lag
Nothing will make up for everything I did
I say sorry to shawdy, Leave her with a bag
BulletBelt on me, I started to sag
Pull up to yo crib and I empty the mag
Scott and Ramona, We don't need to brag
Scott and Ramona, [Girl] Don't worry bout tag's

Verse 2Iktyh

Juvie my set
Reppin' that shit everywhere that I'm met
Radio Spirit Production's, My jet
CareRaidClique, With a Glock every threat
CareRaid Bitch! Never less, We up next
KillAuraBoyz, But I'll never confess
MatchClique Bitch, the department that hex
MatchClique Bitch, Just don't send me a text

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