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September 11, 2020

Ryan @ryangottheheat lyrics

She tryna G me.naw man Tha chick she a dummy
You ain't gon blast th 9 you is real funny
You girl left u kuz she say she love me
But we put in*u205fpublic.*u205fso*u205fgirl please dont*u205fhug me
If I*u205fwas 2 get locked up who would even write me
Ya well forget all the fakes. Pull up wit smoke or fight me
All righty
Dress up in red
Keep that white tidy
Hit a lick
Got some sticks
Put a scop
Like Kendric
Got your girl over
Mak a flick
He claims 550
But he b triple 9
Workin for duh point
Look my killa in his eyes
Ont regent my past . Whatcho point?
We got chops for the deblo
Make y swimming wit the fishes
Made in the trap 5 racks
We move in them packs
N move in then kelos
Scope like a pepe hole
Disrespect my set
We gon let tha heat blow
I've been selling n doing this
Since the 4th grade
Really never made a difference kuz I had it made
Tk showed how to flip them packs
And how 2 maintain
Imma flip it
N spend it on the same thin
BobbyMa I can't even look you in your eyes
For everything I put you thought and for that i apologize
And I'm sorry for every time I lied
Imma cash a check for every time we struggled
And every tear we cryed
Dad died
But he wasn't ever gonna help us
So i ain't never cry
But I ain't never care about him
You the 1 who always pulled through
The reason I'm here is all thanks 2 you
I remember the times we struggled with money but you still convinced me it was all koo
One day I finna make a bank roll and we gon live like kings
Every inch of our body's gonna have some drip n some big bling
Ma you know I would give you every thing
I put my soul in these bars just so you can hear me sing
For you I would give up my soul just 2 fix you cuts n stings
2 me your my everything
I owe it all 2 you
Imma get you million dollar shirts
And million dollar shoes
You the highest I know
Got you on a pistole
No need fo more crying
In the milly dollar jets
We gon b flyin
Like zoom we really gonna blast off
I'll stop my big grind and take that mask off
When I know your good with money
I can check my final task offGot them diamonds on me
Splish splash
Driving in the forensic
Quick fast
Peddle 2 the meddle
Wipe lash
Made it out that struggle
Now I got that quick cash
If you owe me
Get me my cash
Or get bashed
We don't play
Or look past
I like a swady wit some sas
Mess wit me
U betta get some mo
Muscle mass
Or I'll leave u in a cast
Yo girl plastic
Put her in the recalling
Not the trash
Madda fact do both kuz yo gang trash
I got yo girl like wo
You don't want no smoke no blote
I'm the realest n that's on foe
Do I want yo dirty ho
Like ew no
Not yo average joe
Pull up on yo hood
Make my name understood
To make that Dallas
Do what ever I can and could
If have to make one pop
1 shot 2 drop
If you casing me
Gonna have a 2 shoot me
That's on God
New J's
Jump man
Ont messin wit no cop
This thing fire
This a bop
I'm on top
I'm like 700 degrees
I'm real hot
I don't really think twice
Fo I let it pop
Have em Duffy bopWe suwoi airt day
N that's on fo
Keep dissing my homies
N you might catch 1 in yo through
You don't want no blout
Ont wan no smoke
Keep talking
And you might jus get choked
That's on mo
Y'all ain't bout tha life
Keep talking
I might just snatch to life
That how I was born n survived
So I'm about that life
Imma move up on yo block
No assist in 4 qurders
If you meesined wit the gang
You owe yo life
Have you livin in 4 bordersWe big shottaz
If we pull up on you block
We want the Gucci n tha Prada
Y'all say this heat
Well I got som that are hotta
He a pushy
Blame that on his fatha
Making a rack on the quick flip
Iced out I got that drip drip
I keep tha 9 hip hip
We big homies so we lit lit
I'm tryna make a bedda life
Ain never had advice
All I know is guns n knives
Gotta kepp a hearth of ice
Sellin that pipe
So I can get food on my plate n keep out the mice
This what I'm doin in my life
This all I want and you can see it in my eyes
Pull up on his block like surprise
Ain't here to dilver you large fry
Naw we finna dump that 9
We ingnit we ain't kind
We a zoo up in here
Apes n lions is all you'll find
One of a kind
Remember where I came from
Keep that peace of mind
Imma 1st tire
Step behind me
Shot my shots like Kobe
RIP Kobe
Don't act like you know me
When I get high up in this game
But I'll split it all wit my duh whole gang
Talk down we gon snatch you brain
N you golden chainWe posted on the block
We out side
Fo you Run yo mouth
Come outside yo house
Ain't no farm
But we sending u 2 the slaughterhouse
This like cat n mouse
Dont mess wit duh gang
Ont wan no smoke wit this thin
Let this thing Bang a rang
Stay in yo own lane
Privet car n planes
2 bullets I'll make him haller
Bet it stings
AK bite into a pussy
Got fangs
We a heave steppa n we active
You ain't gon pop nun
Stop all that cappin
All that actin
Gotta bring som tecs incase a homie get tactical
If you run trust me your trackable
Imma make you disappear like this Glock b
Make it so you ain't ain't never findable
Finesse em wit som fake hundreds
Big homie n I'm heavey stunnin
Member I was broke
Now I'm flying to London
These crabs I be steaming
That tec go off
Ill have em leaning aye
Watch how I move
Take some notes n improve
These raps way to smooth
I can't never flop or lose
I put that on the juice
If you pull up yuu foo
We gon have to kill y'all
Aight koo
Y'all soft winnie the poo
Remember the teachers telling me I'd be nothing n trapping at school
Now I'm Ritcher then you
Iced out like morning Dew
Nice guy turned into a playa
Broke boy turned into a balla
Young boy turned in to a gangster
Talk bout me. My homie will have u hang yuh
So stop frunting
You ain't bout nun
Chop I'll have you running
You can't get that pass ill have you fumblin
Yo girl calling me her husband
Looks like you ain't got no hundred
Have you crumbling
If you ain't from Jersey get out my face
Dis my block n I finna catch a case
N just know lil boy I'll win that race
Maybe you just need to meet God or you need to meet mace
Glocks held up wit that show lace
N them clip
Dont get me started bout them clips
Got extended mags on both hips
They make som large dips
Jersey a zoo if we ont know you dont com in there
Ar like a barber neck off you facile hair
Look his killa in his eyes with a dead stare
We som heathen so we ont care
Me and you we a different pair
Jus a lil white boy trya glow up my rap game like a flare
You see me all smiles but we spent so many days cryin
Remember sellin crak pills n lean at the same time
Now I'm flyin
Remember the name ryanI bet chu I can flip a rack 3 ways
Drugs, guns, gangs
He says
How you do this so easily
I got my street smarts
Y'alls full of air like lays
Let all my homies out the cage
You a opp
I'll down em then flip the paige
You mess with the gang that's Russian Roulette
You did all them pushes but still ain't a treat
I bet
Pull up
But don't say something you'll regret
She try to be my wifey
But we ain't never met
If you still talkin
G all your Dead Homies
And same to your set
50 put all my homies in a cage
But they ain't no pet
They ain't proved guilty
But still ain't out yet
This just silly
Why then they locked up
I don't get it
Like why
I'm too high up some say I fly
In the sky
She said she down to ride
I ain't stupid ain't got no time for lies pull up on your block with five guy
With a load in the back
I'll be pushing bees when I sleep
You pushing peas you get clapped
On the streets got racks
You still talkin
Be quiet for you get crackCant get in my feels
Kuz life to real
Member if I liked something
That something I*u2019d steal
Remember sellin on that corner
10 dallors each pill
Fo tha 100 dallors
I would have downed em and killed
I*u2019m over here rapping
Hoping to make that mill
Where I*u2019m from
Can*u2019t go up
Kuz they just push us down that hill
I had to step up n make money moves
Couldn*u2019t sit still
Fo my dead homies I write this in blood
I*u2019m makin a better live
Everything I can and could
I try get outta this life
And outta the hood
Member sellin tha dank
N sellin tha kush
I*u2019m tryna grow
But I*u2019m stayin a bush
I*u2019m tryna get outa the mind set
I*u2019m lookin fo hope I*u2019m a hopeless place
Were I come from you won*u2019t find they face
If you leave up out my live
That a normal average day
Only want my real homies
They the ones that stay
Like look
I need a Lamborghini
Wit som suicid doors
I need a mainison
Wit like 20 floors
I*u2019ve been shooting but I can*u2019t score
Kuz every one who I thought was loyal
Just bounced like the back board
I'm just a natural born hustler
That's my only strong suit
I got a lot to lose
But still ain't scared to take it there
Ain't no second place in this shit
So we can't play it fair
.Back on my block almost caught some cases there
Back on the block when you aive nobody worrys
But when yuu dead nighaz careWhaz up chick
Hit a lick
Get up off my blick
We got sticks
You got tooth picks
I need som new kick
Whatcha me do my dance
Gucci on shirt
Gucci on my pants
I need som govan
I Ait feeling vanz
At 12 I'm makin plans
Finna tote som bands
Got so much gulp
I dont make no sense
I'm to high
You gotta look wit a lens
Called the chick a uber
Ain gon dirty the benz
She can
If she bring som friends
She gotta clap fo the celebration
Wit no hands
Just in case anyone try to steal my lyrics – Ryan @ryangottheheat

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