Juno Ambrose – Anything Goes
Genre Rap, Trap

Anything Goes

Feat. -Sly, GXVBRXL

Verse 1:

Benny on the beat
Benny Alexand on the keys
West Coast Kings, are cutthroat
And cut throats, murder this whole track, bitch third degree
Only talk facts. Team is too stacked
More than rap. Wish you niggas did more than cap
Niggas here to entertain
I do more than that
You can’t ignore the stats
You are way below average
Flow Givenchy, you niggas are trash bins
Came here today, to fuck up the game
That’s red ring of death, that’s hardware replacement
Basement flow, not for the radio
Typa music if they hear it, they gon kill me fo
How many dem, know to write like me
How many dem got the drive like me
The will to battle, give, and sacrifice like me
How many dem got the sight like me
Talking third eye vision
Witness the ascent
Hell bent on winnin
And giving back to my city
I made a wish at age six
To one day be rich
What happened in ‘09
Had me realize
That wealth don’t mean shit, yeah
They gon getchu regardless
Too talkative
Stop ‘fore these operatives
Start blending in
With the audience
Guess I’ll say some more gaudy shit
Pull up to the party in my Audi bitch
Frost bitten wrist, I might fuck ya mom
I might fuck ya sis, I might steal ya chick
Might waste my life, I’m not living right, yeah
Know I’m gon pay the price
Seent the devil in the dollar sign
Know we all gon die
But tell me do you really feel alive, nigga
Yeah, do you really feel alive
Verse 2:

Hope you feel it
Imma kill it
The realest nigga alive
No .40 up on my side
I’d rather fly, try
To take my life lil trifling ass nigga
If I die he’ll send em down and bring hell
From the depths of earth, I said it first
Really joking
They probably won’t even notice
Write him off with psychosis
To changing views and the focus
Like leaving the Mother-earth is
Really our only mission, these jokers are fucking kidding
You probably stopped listening
Still get the feeling I won’t spill it
Change subject shift gears and burn rubber
Now I’ll go ghost and find cover
Shoutout Benny and my Brothers
Spit another
Flows is all I know, colder than Jon Snow
Feeling like Frozone super suit where’d it go
Gotta hit the road
Heartbroke, Juice WRLD
More flows round me
Film not acting
Practice makes perfect
Know it’s worth it
It may seem worthless
The time will tell
The story if I succeed or fail
Known to well
Keep me in the loop cause I’m breaking the spell
Will prevail
Ships will sail
Back to the motherlands
Holding hands through screens
Unless you really feel me
Unless you’re really with me
Love me ‘fore you kill me
You could never break my will
I make amends and rise again
Like the Phoenix nigga
Said it twice I’m the realest nigga
Said it twice I’m the realest nigga
Heard they mad, Imma stay honest
Verse 3:

Hopped on the beat just to spaz on it
All of these baddies with piercings and tats on em
Boutta throw cash at em
As they proceed to go low to they toes
Throwin’ that lower back at em
I just go loco, I share a shot glass with em
Sippin’ some Coca-Cola, ‘cuz I stay in control
And I’m feelin’ some judgements regarding my beverage
But they the ones with a DUI and parole
Haters stay sleep on a Tempur Pedic
Both eyes closed ‘cuz they ashamed to see us
I bust through the door, scream "buenos dias"
You took two L’s like a quesadilla
I can guarantee ya girl leavin
With me to an Air B&B
With a haste demeanor
I ain’t payin’ shit either
She pay for the date and she claim
That she vegan
But her mouth’s full of wiener
You guys are doomed
‘Cuz I could do
To silent you
My final move
A knife or two
Deep inside of you
A heightened dude
Saliva’s like, pints of, lighter fluid
When I’m decidin’ to
Write a few rhymes at you
I get excited to fightin’ whoever
I’m settin’ on fire
This beat like a giant reptile who breathes
An abundance of nitrogen oxidized heat
Oxygen don’t really need to be breathed
When I’m thinkin'
Pen inkin’ I’m beastin'
Over Benny’s beats
Flow undefeated
No need to compete
‘Cuz your whole favorite team
Get blown, TNT
"Oh my god, it’s a dream"
No, broad better watch how you talkin’ to me
Often I think
How, awkward it’d be
If I wrote a love song for you
But the topic is me

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