Jungle – Romeo
Genre Pop


Feat. Bas

[lyrics transcribed from artwork]

Never lose
Steady climb
City crime infested
Ten years [?] divine my blessings
I injected hope into my lungs and spoke up things I once thought were silly dreams
I'll walk you through the scene
Jump on a jet and it's chartered a star
I'm batting the cycle
I don't even like her
She deaded I cannot be bothered to call
Hope you see the light darling
Oh yes running like four lеgs
Then people fall
Thеy don't want no run [?
Jumped out the circus like Soleil curving
My people got me, copy, solid[?], sterling
Steel resolve
Look at you
You like a cube of sugar in a pool of water bet you will dissolve
Had so much to prove
But no wherewithal so you got
Nowhere at all no way out
Either way it's all gon' play out
It's all gon' play out
I never seen this type of glow
Look at the seed I planted grow
I think they need to add a fee
We don't wanna be the status quo
Plot twist the pot twist
Let's talk about some progress and objectives
If you talking 'bout less then I'm
Came a long way I'm a project
Baby this a Rollie not a Timex
She climb [?] like an ibex and top
I came a long way
2010 they tried to [?] me
Glad to see the bullets off [we still here, you missed, you bitch
2020 grammy nominated bet we going off
I know that don't make me but it make the rest of you fonder
Keep 'em all arms length like a boy Bassy E Honda or Dhalsim I'm flossin' I'm drippin' two commas
Trying to find the real nothing in my viewfinder
Here you find 'em

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