Junco Partners – Fly Me High
Genre Rock

Fly Me High

Fly Me High lyrics

I can hear the sound that's bothering me
So never go and set me free
If I die before my time is done
You look in while it seems to be the only one
I feel though my life's been all a sin
For you, baby, I'd give you everything
You're the only one that's giving, that's ever happened to me
I'll never, no, I'll never ever set you free, yeah

I thought I'd make it, I know it's just too much to say
Flying higher my own peculiar way
You understand whatevеr coming to me
I'll do anything to whatever I can see
Fly mе up higher than you've ever been before
Taking off, taking off, whoa, Lord
I can't give my life, break it in two
Oh yeah, now in the morning, oh yeah

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