Junco Partners – Death By Fire
Genre Rock

Death By Fire

Death By Fire lyrics

I decree that her death be by rumour
The skull gleamed and, creaking, sat back in its chair
In agreement, the room full of teeth, they all clicked
And they said "We must do what is fair"
While the priests prepared hammers and nails
And the carpenters planed
The nuns nodded, knowing to sentence a sinner
Is justice and law just the same?

In the cobblestone streets of the village
The hawkers and mongers all wagging their tonguеs
With sly smiles of insinuation
They watch her and talk of thе ensuing fun
Her beauty defilement
She'll now pay for this crime of lust
And the monks in the towers are pealing the bells
To remind the people they must
And the carrion crows are arriving in droves
As the sun sets to pick the bones clean
And the clowns stand around and they stare at the ground
And they secretly weep at the scene
In the rectory, the priest laughs
And let's the wine drip down his chest
He calls and caresses his lover who laughs
As he wipes his mouth on his vest

The widows and virgins at watch in their windows
As sinners are purged down below
No willow will weep for her silence of ashes
Will sleep in the new fallen snow

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