Junco Partners – Am I Blue
Genre Rock

Am I Blue

Am I Blue lyrics

Am I blue?
I keep my love trailing on after you now
Hey, am I blue, babe?
I keep my love trailing on after you
You steal all of my money
Don't you know you ain't got nothing
To show me but the blues?

A woman, she done left me
Find out I'm to blame
Said she'd run around with another man
I said my heart hangs deep down in shame
Times are getting wasted
Don't you know my blues
Keep falling down like rain?
I said my baby, she done left me
Don't you know I lie and lie in vain?
But I don't mind rain
As long as you'll come back to me now, yeah

You don't love me, baby
That ain't no lie
Since you went and lеft me
I said I may as well
I may as well liе down and die
Boy, am I blue
I said I'd give you all the things that I should
I'd get a world if you're asking me
Since you've gone and left me
I said, oh I ain't got nothing
To show you but the blues
Yeah yeah yeah, I've got to stroll, yeah yeah

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