July – Save My Life*
Genre Rap

Save My Life*

Lyrics from Snippet


Oh my

She went to college out in UCLA
Should've known that you'd forget about me
I'm out of pocket always making mistakes
I forgot that we could never be
There's sharks in the water, breaking the waves
And I'm in my bedroom trying not to curse your name because you made me just who I, am
But if you ever wanna go see a movie, or sit in the bleachers, and forget you came with me well that's fine
Cause I've been all alone, sitting scrolling through my phonе tryna think of what to say for most my life
Life's changed and kids grow oldеr, if I could live forever, I'd probably still choose to die
And I don't wanna change if I'm stuck up in my ways and I'm heading to the grave don't save my life

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