JUDAHX – Antipsychotics


Stop looking over my shoulder
[Or you’re dead meat!
Your eyes should be chained to me
[Chained to me!
Stop sneaking ‘round the corner
[Like a whore!
You can only alley kiss with me
[I adore!]

I'll kill you! I'll murder you!
Slaughter you like a cow full of antibiotics!
I’ll kill you! I’ll murder you!
Test this bitch without antipsychotics!

Stop giving them the side-eye
[gorge out your sinful eye!
Your eyes should absorb my beauty
[Fucking beautiful!
Stop thinking about other pie
Or you’ll lose this whole ass bakery
I’ll kill you! I’ll murdеr you!
Slaughter you like a cow full of antibiotics!
I’ll kill you! I’ll murder you!
Tеst this bitch without antipsychotics!

Psychotic b*tch number 2 won't you come out and play
Introducing: [she left]

If you don't wanna fuck up
You better shut the fuck up
You know you're gonna fuck up
If you don't shut the fuck up

Never for me, never for me
You never shut the fuck up for me!
I'll kill you, I'll murder you, slaughter you
Like a cow full of the antibiotics

Turn down your fucking music!

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